Iluminaciones Técnicas Authorized Licensee is a free zone establishment formed in mid-1992 set up to manufacture and distribute high-end decorative and commercial lighting, ceiling fans, LED lightbulbs and solar poducts. Focused as a regional distribution center, it offers a logistics platform integrated by world-class ports, railroad, highway and airport. It maintains the best connection to Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean Pact, ideal for establishing and boosting import and re-export business to the region.

This zone offers a wide range of services such as: import, export, storage, sales, marketing, distribution and value-added logistics services, storage, packaging, packing, labeling, classification, exhibition, among others.

Future growth and Strategy

The group has plans envisaging ambitious growth. It is relevant to mention that the Group is on its growth stage not only strengthening the existing business relationships with our Business Partners and our Customers but also exploring new business opportunities taking advantage of the high potential in the regional and world market. The company has entered the Licencing market under the brand name Honeywell and will manufacture and distribute LED Bulbs and donwnlights, as well as ceiling Fans, extension cords and Surge protectors for some Caribbean, Central and south America Countries.

The company has professionally qualified key personnel managing the day to day affairs playing a pivotal role in the growth.